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Monday, 24 August 2020 08:50

"SIMON SAYS"............."what do you say"?

Written by Simon Says

Hi Everyone, 

I hope you are keeping well and staying cool in this heat. I am. 

I wanted to introduce you to my new style Blog.............

"SIMON SAYS"............."what do you say"?

It's a culmination of what's new and exciting in the travel industry, along with Q & A's from you, my valued clients, and some personal tips, hints and tidbits from me

I encourage you to send me your questions

Here are a few Q & A's you've asked me recently:

Q: How has the pandemic affected you and your business?

A: Personally, it's taken me by surprise. I never expected it to affect all of us on this magnitude. What we worked so hard on last year with you all, has been put on hold until further notice. I have embraced it. I've taken it one booking at a time, and went to bat for you all, to obtain the very best result, for YOU. I'm a realist. More so, now. 

Q: How do you foresee the future of travel?

A: I see it forever changed. We will now all travel quite differently. I think we will be more aware of our surroundings and our hygiene. I see us all itching to travel now, and anxious to get a vaccine to help put our minds at rest and get our bags packed, mine are at my front door!

Q: Where can I travel too right now?

A: Most people are staying local. I've sent clients on lovely weekends to Palm Springs, San Diego, the CA Coast and Arizona. There are many magnificent resorts in our preferred hotel program, giving you great rates, and extra complimentary exclusive amenities. I just returned from Arizona myself and am soon off to Santa Barbara. (more on that next time) In addition. I've sent clients to the Caribbean and Mexico, with Covid restrictions/guidelines! For me personally, I have to get creative to keep travelling. It's in my blood!

Q: What are you doing to keep occupied and busy

A: I walk a lot and listen to my music and sing out loud and probably annoy my neighbors! I think I have a lovely voice!!!! I play a lot of tennis. I'm also heavily involved with a local non profit charity in RSM, RSM Cares. One of the main things we do, which has sadly become a lot more popular during the pandemic, is a Food Bank, whereby we serve the community for those in need, twice a month. I find it extremely rewarding, so much, I'm on the board!

I miss you all 

Can't wait to hear from you with your questions. Please send them to:


If your question is posted on my blog, you will receive a $25 coupon off your next vacation

Lawrence has been cheerfully organizing our vacations for about 20 years.  He is always efficient, knowledgeable, reliable and offers great travel advice.  Our recent trip had many flight, itinerary and port changes and then was cancelled.  Through it all Lawrence was very encouraging and extremely helpful.  We appreciate how he took care of details and continued to communicate with the vacation company until we got everything refunded.  I would highly recommend Lawrence and Mariners Mission Bell Travel Service to my family and friends!

Robin R.

Lawrence enjoying a hammock in bora bora

Cheers to you all

The Brit with the Wit who knows his..........."stuff"!

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