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Monday, 20 July 2020 14:07

Mariners Travel is here for YOU

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Hi there everyone,

I miss you! I hope you are staying safe & healthy. I am and happy to report, we are still here!!!! 
Travel & tourism account for 1 in 10 jobs worldwide. 
I am a part of that 1 out of 10. 
Many people think that my job working in the travel business is to travel for free (I wish!).

In reality, 90% of my job is spent designing itineraries for couples, families, and clients from around the world. I spend hours, weeks, sometimes even months working on trips, making sure every detail is planned to perfection. And truly I LOVE doing this!! 

The travel industry has been dealing with the coronavirus since January — two full months before it really began impacting daily life in the US.
Unknown fact: Travel agents only get paid after their clients actually travel. Many agents have lost their pay for up to a year's (or more) worth of work. Could you give up a year's worth of your salary? They’ve spent these last few months working tirelessly to negotiate refunds, postponements, and cancellations. And most haven’t had new trips booked now for months.

But we do it without question because we have wonderful, personal relationships with our clients - something that credit card rewards companies, Costco, and online agencies like Expedia & Travelocity do not - and we know travel will come back stronger than ever once this is all over.

**So when you decide to travel again - PLEASE use a travel advisor. Your business matters so much to us. Do not click a “book” button on a website ever again. Not only are you helping us but we can provide an even better experience for you - and help you with any problems along the way**  

Keep us in mind for your local travel needs. We have MANY negotiated deals at various hotels and resorts. Travel for 2021 and 2022 is open and is proving popular.

I am sure like you, we are all "itching" to take a vacation.

On a more personal note, I appreciate your generous donations, volunteer support and food donations for RSM Cares, and our bi-weekly food pantry. We are still feeding over 1100 people! I am enjoying doing my part to pay it forward. 

Cheers to you all

Lawrence & staff

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