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Tuesday, 21 November 2017 11:36

How to Plan an Overseas Destination Wedding

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About one in four couples now have a destination wedding overseas. There are tons of things to consider before you jet off somewhere exotic and say ‘I do’.

Choosing Your Destination

Be sure your destination is not where locals go on vacation. During the month of August, major tourist areas in Europe are more crowded than usual. When it comes to language, ask yourself if you would be okay if everyone cannot speak English. Make sure to visit the location beforehand. It would be a shame to go to your wedding destination to find out the photo on the website did not show the big construction site next to your reception.


Your guests that will be traveling for the wedding might want to make a vacation out of this trip. Try to choose a location that most of your guests will enjoy and one that is not too difficult to travel to. Guests are typically responsible for their own accommodation and travel expenses, even though some hosts choose to pay for their guests’ expenses. Also keep in mind that if the trip is costly, some guests may not be able to attend your wedding. It would be helpful to send your guests save-the-date cards beforehand as well.

It’s more challenging to predict prices if you are not familiar with the location and culture. For example, say there is a change in management from the time you booked the wedding to the time of the actual event, or you bargained a deal with the sales manager at the hotel but there was a miscommunication due to a language barrier. We highly suggest you get things in writing if possible.

When you visit your location to start planning your event, you will have a lot to do, so organize your trip well beforehand and plan to meet with as many people as possible. By “people,” we mean the photographer, the officiant and the caterer. Inspect the accommodations, rehearsal-dinner, and site of the ceremony. Learn what types of transportation will be needed. Look into the activities the destination can offer your guests, such as hiking and jet skiing.

Marriage Regulations

These regulations vary from country to country. Be sure to find out the requirements of the wedding destination as far in advance as possible.

Local Experts

You might want to enlist some local professionals to assist in the planning. Hotels and resorts oftentimes have in-house wedding planners or resort managers who can handle most of the details. You can also hire a wedding consultant who is based in the area. He or she could recommend the best local florists, photographers and catering companies. It would also be helpful to work with a travel agent. The agent could take the stress off of you by arranging travel plans and accommodations for you and your wedding guests.

Problems That Arise

Your energy and vibe as the bride is going to influence the energy of your wedding guests. If you are calm, your guests will be calm as well. Things may not go as planned and even if that happens, it’s best stay calm and carry on. Your wedding day should be about you and your future husband.

So, take it all in and drink it up. You'll want these memories to last a lifetime!

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