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Monday, 30 October 2017 11:06

The Ultimate Checklist for Choosing Travelers Insurance

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You’re so proud of yourself. You’ve got your detailed list of what to pack, your tickets and passport at hand, you are ready for your next travel adventure! Travel is an adventure, placing you in unfamiliar territory to encounter new experiences. If something goes wrong with your trip then travel insurance can be your safety net in times of trouble.

The Airline Cancels Your Flight

You’re tired, and just want to make the next leg of your flight from Madrid to Barcelona. The exasperated gate agent explains on the PA system that the flight has been canceled. Gasps all around. With traveler’s insurance, you can rest easy in a hotel that’s paid for and not have to jockey with other travelers for those lovely seats in the gate area.

The Airline Lost Your Luggage

Now this is a huge pain. After standing in line for an hour to talk with a surly airline agent, you still don’t know where your carefully-packed luggage is at the moment... and you may not know for days. With travel insurance, you can replace your clothes, cameras, etc. when they are not on your airline’s radar screen.


How to Choose Travel Insurance

We know you’d rather be reading the latest travel books on your destination, but take a break for a few minutes and let our team help you pick the best travel insurance to make sure your journey is a smooth one. Questions to ask an agent about travel insurance:


  • Are all my destinations covered?
  • Do I have medical coverage on my trip?
  • Am I covered in case of emergency?
  • Are all my belongings covered?
  • What happens if the airline loses my luggage?
  • What if I have to cancel my trip?
  • What’s not included in my policy?


Our team at Mariners Travel have been there and done that. Contact us to get the right travel insurance for your needs. Bon voyage!

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