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10 Helpful Ways To Save Money on Vacation

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So you want to go on a vacation? But how can you save money once you get there? How can you make sure that you don’t blow all your money before the end of the vacation?

Let’s talk about how to save money on vacation. Here we will discuss eleven important ways to save money on vacation.

Cook Your Own Food.

The easiest and fastest ways to blow all of your money quickly is on food. Eating out every meal is very costly. Food alone can take up more than half of your vacation budget. That is why you have to be very careful. The best way to make sure you stay healthy and save more money is to cook your own food.

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Hire a Travel Agency.

Hiring a travel agent when you are traveling will help you save money and time. Not only do travel agents have the experience and knowledge in traveling and vacations, but they also have offer personalized services that would help you save tons of money on vacation.


Get a Travel Guide.

A travel guide is very important especially when you are going on a vacation to a place far away from your city. Going without a travel guide doesn’t mean you can survive by yourself, but it will save you time, and the saying goes "time is money!"

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Research Public Transportation.

Instead of spending extra money on cabs, the best thing to do is to research the public transportation. For instance, in New York, you can take a bus or train from the airport to wherever you are going. So you should always research public transportations before traveling. This will help you save money on vacation.


Pack Effectively.

It is just a vacation, don’t pack more than what you need! There are so many airlines that charge for extra bags. Packing effectively is a very good way to save your money.

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Use Coupons.

Before you visit a restaurant, zoo, amusement park or museum, you should look for coupons. Almost every restaurant, museum or zoo has discount coupons on its site. Coupons will help you save money on vacation.


Save for Your Trip.

Saving in advance will always be the best for you. Instead of relying on credit which will put you in more debt, you can save in advance and gain more. Estimate how much your vacation will cost, and save for it. I am saying you should not use your credit card; you can use your credit card, but make sure you have saved enough money to pay off your credit card balance. This way, you will earn interest and more cash.

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Go for Vacation in the “Off-Season.”

You don’t have to go for vacations when others are going for vacations. Going for vacation in the off-season will save you money, and the crowds you see at most places will be smaller. Going off-season doesn’t mean your vacation won’t be fun. In fact, it might be more fun! It depends on how fun you want to make it.


Pack your GPS.

Never forget to pack your GPS navigation device in your checked luggage or car-on. Most car rental agencies will try to sell you a GPS rental, but you can save the money since you already brought yours.

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Never Forget Your Military or Student ID.

Most times, you are required to use your ID to access the discount tickets. So you must make sure that don’t forget your ID card, so you can access the discounts without the hassle and be able to save money on vacations.


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