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How To Protect Your Belongings While Traveling Through Europe

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Everyone wants to remain in one piece while traveling in Europe, so informing yourself on ways to protect your belongings is one of the most important things you can do to stay safe. There are probably a thousand ways to keep your items protected, but they all come down to the same general ideas:

Use The Safe

The number one way to protect your belongings while abroad is to lock them up. If you’re staying in a hotel, the rooms should come with a wall safe. Even if your bags and clothes get stolen by someone breaking in while you’re gone, if you can keep all of your important belongings (cash, cards, passports, expensive jewelry) in the wall safe, you’ll be ok!

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Many people opt for a hostel instead of a hotel, and the majority of them should have a locker system for each of the individual beds in the hostel. This means that you and anyone traveling with you should be able to have your own secure locker for your belongings. Just be sure to bring your own padlock on your travels.


Keep Them Hidden

One of the best ways to keep your money and passport out of harm’s way is to keep them hidden. In other words, having a bulging wallet and your passport visibly hanging out of your pants pocket isn’t a smart move. They sell pouches that can go around your waist and hide under your clothes that are an outstanding way to protect your belongings from would-be criminals.

Try to make it so these pouches aren’t visible through your clothing, though. Going during the cold times is the best option because heavier jackets will easily hide them from sight. The best route would be to leave the most important things, like your passport, in the safe and just take the money or cards you’ll need for the day.

This should be pretty easy to do most of the time, as you’ll really only need your ID when traveling between countries or going to nightclubs.

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Use Locks, Even On Your Devices

We’ve talked about locking your things away, but locks on your bags and passcodes on your devices should be mentioned. Keeping a small lock that will keep the zippers locked on your luggage and day bag is a great precaution to take to protect your belongings.

More than any of your luggage items, your phone and computer should be password locked at all times. If you really think about it, almost all of your information is on a computer. In capable hands, your entire identity can be stolen, and you’ll be in some serious hot water.

To combat this, not only should you put password encryptions on all of the devices you plan to use, but you should download a VPN and use it anytime you log onto the internet. This will help you become anonymous while connected to a shared network. You shouldn’t just be doing this while abroad btw, you should use this at home when you connect to your local Starbucks too!


Don’t Be Flashy

We know that if you’re reading this, you probably aren’t even considering wearing expensive jewelry around while traveling, but some of the savviest travelers actually do this and get robbed because of it! It is very unwise to draw attention to yourself in any capacity with expensive looking jewelry.

In fact, in some areas, just having enough disposable income to use on cheap jewelry is far more than the locals could afford. Having jewelry in these areas is asking for trouble. The best idea, in this case, would be to just avoid bringing it. Not only will you not be looking over your shoulder constantly, but you won’t have to worry about whether it’s protected in the safe at the hotel or not either.

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Report Crimes As Soon As Possible

If the unfortunate event occurs and your hotel is broken into, or you are pickpocketed, go to the local authorities immediately. The sooner a report is made, the better. You’ll need that report to show proof to your travel insurance so they can compensate you.

This is another important topic that you should be aware of; travel insurance should always be taken out when you travel. This even goes for trips that you would consider safer than other unknown areas. You never know what can happen, and safeguarding yourself from damage when it occurs is crucial to keeping your trip enjoyable.

Long story short, don’t skip travel insurance, ever!

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