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The 5 Best Fall Travel Destinations

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You may be trying to escape the cold, or actually see the seasons for those that live in the Coto de Caza area, but whatever your fall travel preferences are, we have some incredible destinations to choose from.

You may be trying to escape the cold, or actually see the seasons for those that live in the Coto de Caza area, but whatever your fall travel preferences are, we have some incredible destinations to choose from.

Since the most popular getaways happen to be at the beach, we’re going to start there and see where it takes us!

  • Aruba

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The Caribbean as a whole is an amazing area to travel, but Aruba is likely the hottest destination of them all. Why would you want to go to such a popular and crowded destination? During the fall, peak season is over and the population in Aruba drops considerably!

We wouldn’t be honest with you if we didn’t tell you about why it drops though, and that is because the fall is hurricane season. Aruba has an extremely low chance of getting hit, but there still is a chance. So keep that in mind.

The thing that should be drawing you to this location during this time though is the huge drop in tourists. With the population down, you can have the whole beach to yourself (at least that’s our fantasy!)


  • Germany

The beer lovers of the world all know about Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany, and if you don’t then you either aren’t a true beer enthusiast or you might not be old enough to drink yet! Whatever the case may be, you should try to experience this event at least once in your lifetime.

People come literally from all around the world to take part in the annual festivities. You’ll be served some of the world’s best beer in huge mugs under a massive tent that holds 5000 seats and another 3000 outside.

Girls in lederhosen will drop off your beers, performers on stage will entertain, and everyone will sing beer songs together as a massive group. It is a true treat, and anyone who likes beer (even just a little bit) will enjoy this event year after year. We know this because 2017 marks the 184th year in a row!

  • Hong Kong

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During the full moon on the 15th day of the 8th month on the Chinese calendar, Hong Kong celebrates the Mid-Autumn Festival. This year it happens to start on October 4th and lasts 3 days. This isn’t just a celebration in Hong Kong, but throughout China and Vietnam.

Hong Kong just happens to be an amazing destination, with or without the festival, which is why it is so much better to head here and celebrate the Mid-Autumn festival here. If you take a few extra days on each end, you’ll be able to see what regular life is like and enjoy the normal sites and tastes of the city.

The Mid-Autumn festival is a great excuse to visit Hong Kong though. The city is brightly decorated with traditional style lanterns that light up at night, parades take over the streets all day, and holiday foods are served that are unique to this holiday. If you’re looking to immerse yourself in the best of Asian culture, this event is for you.

  • Cayman Islands

The Cayman Islands aren’t just for summer, fall travel here has a unique advantage: The Pirates Week Festival! From November 3rd -19th, this festival will hop from Cayman Brac, to Grand Cayman, and finally landing in Little Cayman. While it’s at each location, you’ll be able to enjoy to enjoy Pirate shows, delicious themed meals, and buy Pirate outfits and jewelry.

If you’re looking for a place to bring the whole family, this is it!

  • Mexico City

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This is on our list because something very special happens on November 1st and 2nd each year, the celebration of the dead. Dia de Los Muertos (or Day of the Dead) is less of a Halloween celebration and more of a ceremony that honors the loved ones who have passed.

November 1st is only to honor the children who have passed to soon, and the adults get November 2nd. In the past, it was only about taking your loved ones their favorite drink and food, decorating their grave, and making beautiful memorials in their honor.

In recent years, however, it has also started to change to have daytime activities. The parade gathers tens of thousands of people each year, and they enjoy live music and drinks throughout the afternoon. In the past, Dia de Los Muertos may have been a more somber event, but now it is becoming more of a celebration of life!

For that reason, we suggest taking a look this year, it is only getting bigger and better each year and drawing more and more travelers from around the globe.

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