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5 Reasons To Choose A Guided Family Vacation

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Going on a guided family vacation has been popular since the 50’s, and there are several advantages to this style that continue to keep it at the number one position for travel agents.


Going on a guided family vacation has been popular since the 50’s, and there are several advantages to this style that continue to keep it at the number one position for travel agents.We have a few that come to mind, but there are easily hundreds of advantages to going the guided family vacation route over trying to plan it yourself.

  1. Freedom from Planning

Planning a trip, even if it’s down the street, can be stressful when the whole family is coming. That stress will multiply exponentially when you’re planning an excursion to another state, let alone another country!

Choosing to go on a guided family vacation means that you will be freed up of not only that stress, but the hours of researching and planning your airfare, hotels, and landmarks to see while you’re there.

With this freedom, you’ll be able to actually enjoy yourself, instead of worrying about making it to your transportation in time or checking if a museum is closing. You can spend this extra free time doing what any good parent would, trying to round everyone up each morning and get them dressed for a day of fun!

  1. You’ll See the Best of The Country

Part of planning a vacation is looking at all of the landmarks, museums, or outdoor adventure opportunities that a new location has to offer. With a guided family vacation, you won’t have to worry about that.

One of the best features of doing a guided vacation is that you will have the guesswork taken out of it. You’re going to be taken to the best landmarks, the most beautiful museums, and the most incredible hiking and thrill-seeking opportunities.

One of the other major benefits of doing a guided family vacation is that your tour guides can tell you what is worth going to and what isn’t. You may have had your heart set on going somewhere, but they will tell you the downsides of each location if there are any.

Often you will have a landmark built up in your mind, but when you get there, it’s a major disappointment. When you have a tour guide, they will make sure that you only get the best of the country, and that you don’t waste too much time on the undesirable locations.


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  1. You Can Customize Your Experience

Speaking of enjoying the best of a country, we won’t tell you no if you have your heart set on going to a place that your tour guide doesn’t think is great. In fact, we are well aware that often what you find incredible and what your tour guide finds incredible can be two very different things!

The point is that you are always in control of your itinerary, so if you want to see something completely different based off of the recommendations of your guide, you will!

Travel is all about going with the flow and being open to new ideas. Being open to possible venue changes that will be more impressive will only set you up for a better trip.

  1. It Keeps You on a Schedule of Your Choosing

The main thing that people think is going to happen on a guided family vacation is that you will be forced to wake up at the crack of dawn just to get shuttled all around town and rushed through each location. That may be the average tour experience, but you don’t want average.

What you want is to be able to experience everything in due time. If you aren’t very impressed with something, you shouldn’t be forced to stay there because that’s what an itinerary says you should. You also should be able to stay at a location that really takes your breath away for as long as you want.

Choosing to go with a guided tour that is flexible to your requests is the difference between a nice vacation and an unforgettable one.


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  1. You’ll Share More Time Together

Planning a vacation on your own, making sure everyone is on schedule, making sure that museums are open when you get there, and planning your route for food along the way is extremely time-consuming. It’s also very likely that plans will change due to a popular vote within the family!

Unexpected things may arise on your journeys, but when you go with a guided family vacation, we will handle the details for you. Not being stuck with planning every single detail of your trip means that you’ll be spending more time before and on your trip as a family instead of researching tirelessly.

The trip itself is going to be amazing whether you plan it yourself or have someone else plan it, but the time spent as a family is where all of the memories will be made, and you’ll have a lot more of it when you go with the guided tour option.

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