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Lawrence Simon

Lawrence with OJ Nice medam originally from Manchester, England. I have lived in Orange County for 30 years, longer than I lived in England, but I still managed to retain my accent! I have two children and a granddaughter. I visit my Dad in Manchester as often as I am able and even attend the Manchester United soccer matches with him. Ask me about his loyal support of the team.  I have been in the travel business for 35 years as of this year. I have owned and operated my travel agency for 24 years and weathered lots of changes. My merged agencies are Mission Bell and Mariners Travel Services. I am very well travelled and consider myself, fairly knowledgeable! I love custom designing itineraries, mostly in Europe, from a romantic setting for the renewal of wedding vows to a large family gathering with private touring! I am a huge advocate for my valued clients which explains why they return and refer their friends and family to me. I love what I do and continue to learn and grow. Looking forward to working with you.

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