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Monday, 04 May 2020 08:21

A Thank You, Update, and Request

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Hello there everyone,

Long time, no speak! hope you are all well given the currency environment and situation we face. Who'd have thought we would be here right now? Not me, for sure. 

Business was thriving. Mr Europe was busier than ever. You were travelling, planning to travel, very excited to, and life seemed blessed. Then comes along Covid-19 and life as we knew it, changed forever.

A lot of you have been very kind and gracious to check up on me, my agency that I built up, and just very compassionate and caring. My heart is full, many thanks for your continued support.

I decided, unlike some of my fellow agency owners/friends, NOT to charge you, my valued long standing clients, ANY fees. My part of giving back to you, for something, that's completely out of your control and mine. I am busy daily re-arranging your travel, cancelling your travel and am here, steadfast, ready to help as soon as it's safe again for all of us to travel. I know I for one an "itching" to not just get our of my house, but AWAY, on a real vacation............all in good time.

More importantly is our health and well being. That's why I've aligned myself with a local Food Bank, RSM Cares. I'm doing my part to help them, to help others, in need. If you can help out, by volunteering time, money, toiletries for our seniors, and more, please reach out to me for further information, it's greatly appreciated.


Meantime and most importantly, stay safe, stay healthy and adhere! Life is certainly precious.

We will all come out of this much more humble. I'm already there! Good always comes out of bad (my personal motto) and I'm sticking to it.

Again, thank you for caring about me and my valued staff and the valued business, you've allowed me to build. 2021 and beyond is available for booking, so why wait? Get something on the the books to look forward to. Perhaps you'l come along and join me on one of my personally, fully escorted adventures? Whatever, whenever, I am here for YOU.

Cheers and aloha

Lawrence (aka Mr. Europe)

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